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  • High Precision & Ultra Clean Polished Glass Substrate for Nanotechnology!

    OPC provides substrate polishing technology for a variety of materials including quartz,fused silica and optical glass, which are then used in precision optical machinery. Our experience, skills, state-of-the-art technology and know-how acquired over the years, are earnestly put to work to meet the demanding requirements of our customer's product.

    Major products

    ·High temperature Poly-Si TFT-LCD
    ·Micro lens arrays
    ·Opposing electrode wafer
    ·Photomask for LSI
    ·Monitor wafers.Wide variety wafers

    Producing technology

    ·Highly advanced technology
    ·Roughness on both surface Ra≒0.15nm
    ·High accuracy(0.3µm)of surface TTV.

    Washing & Cleaning Technology

    ·Suitableness using semiconductor-grade.
    ·High cleanness,surface impurity concentration Metal <1×1010 atoms/cm2

    Quality Control

    ·Acquired ISO9001 Series Certification.
    ·A dependable complete quality assurance structure


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