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The OPC advantages

We utilize our double sided polishing techniques to process
many kinds of glass !
Here are some of the materials we polish:
Fused silica , non-alkaline glass, optical glass, glass ceramics, l ow thermal expansion
glass, va rious float g lass, etc.


We can satisfy the demand for high precision specifications!.

ex)Thickness variation(TTV,LTV)

·Interferometer photograph φ8”wafer(0.3µ/fringe)

·3D view thickness φ8”wafer(GBIR=0.4µ)

·Super high precision flatness measuring equipment for φ12”wafer(NANOMETRO)

·Site flatness of φ12”(LTV=0.5µ)


Excellent Cleaning & Inspection - in a clean room environment.
We are capable of handling semiconductor manufacturing quality requirements.

Clean ! (free of surface contamination)
Metal contamination<1×1010atoms/cm2
measured by ICP-MS on fused silica substrate

·Automatic cleaning equipment
Inside environment class10(@0.1µ)

Clean bench class1(@0.1µ)


Substrates supplied to a variety of surface roughness levels.


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